Building Use

For Weddings, Funerals & Other Events

May take up to 5 business days for approval

Building Usage Policy

Our facility is cooperatively owned and shared by the members of Light Christian Center.  The policy for management of this facility is intended to ensure orderly access by first, the church program of ministries; second, members of the church; third, regular attenders.  

    Two Simple Rules Of Thumb

When you use the building, two simple rules of thumb should guide you:

1.    This building is a gift of God, and it represents the sacrificial giving of a lot of people. Use it joyfully for His glory, but do your best to take care of it.

2.    When you are done using the building, remember that others will follow who also want to use it to minister to people.  Leave it in great shape, like you would want to find it if you were coming in to do a ministry!

Facility use and user groups

  • Church ministries 
  • Regular attenders are defined as 2 – 4 times per month for six months
  • Friends or relatives of regular attenders upon request of member
  • No outside use.
  • Not “For-profit” use                                                            

General Facility Policy

Facility Application

  1. A “Building Use Request Form” must be submitted 14 days prior to the event.
  2. Upon receipt of a completed Building Usage Request form, a tentative “hold” will be placed on the requested dates.  
  3. Facility usage must be coordinated with the church calendar and scheduled as far in advance with Building Committee, as possible.
  4. Events will be considered for approval based on the current church calendar.  Applicants are encouraged to make requests no sooner than two months prior to the event.  
  5. The scheduling of extended set-up or tear down time should be included in the request and reflected on the church calendar.
  6. Following review of the request, approval or denial of usage will be communicated to the applicant by Building Committee.


1.    Arrangements for obtaining and returning keys are made by the requestor, at the availability of church staff.  

2.    The issuance of facility keys and alarm code will follow the approval of a Building Use Request Form and receipt of deposits when applicable.  [To be communicated and provided by Building Committee]. 

3    Use of nurseries and nursery equipment are NOT available except during ministry related events.

4    Members and user groups are responsible for allset-ups, take down and cleanup of the areas identified in the Building Use Request Form and the return of all areas to their original ministry setting.  

5    Doors or rooms not requested or approved for use must remain locked.

6    Use of kitchen equipment may require a review of operation by an authorized person (Building Committee or Kitchen Coordinator will conduct as necessary)

7    Requestor must ensure all children are under adult supervision. No additional rooms may be used for children unless formally requested. 

8.    Saturday evening events must be cleaned up, finished and out of the building by 9:00 pm.

Setup and Cleanup

  1. We encourage using the requested room(s) as they are set up; if requestor desires a different arrangement than standard please notify in advance. 
  2. Rooms must be returned to their original layout immediately following event.
  3. When leaving the building, please follow the building usage checklist provided and lock-up procedures listed within this document.
  4. The church will not be responsible for personal property left in the building.
  5. All kitchenware must be cleaned, dried and returned to its original location.
  6. When Approved Nurseries are used, the use of snacks with children must be supervised by an adult. 
  7. Food and drinks must remain in the kitchen and fellowship hall, (Children’s Church Auditorium).
  8. Candles may only be used with great caution – wax causes considerable damage to floor finish.  (battery operated candles preferred)
  9. Absolutely no holes in walls.
  10. Tape or string may be used to hang decorations; tape must be removed completely. 

Resources & Supplies

1    The church’s kitchenware may be used for your event (i.e. metal silverware, serving platters, bowls)

2.    LCC paper products and disposable utensils, in the kitchen, may be used for ministry events only.

3.    Non-ministry events will need to provide all paper products and disposable utensils. (i.e. plates, napkins, Styrofoam, plastic utensils, to-go containers, etc.)

4.    Requesting member, upon approval for use by church staff, is responsible for operation and safekeeping of audio and video equipment.

Multiple Users

1.    At times, some events and facility use may overlap or occur simultaneously. We request respect for other programs and people using the building at the same time.  

2.    All requests shall be indicated on the church calendar and approved by church staff in advance.


  1. Alcoholic beverages on church property
  2. Smoking or tobacco products in the church building
  3. Pesticides in or around the church facility
  4. Taking church equipment from the premises for personal use (includes all tables and chairs) (Possible rental or deposit opportunity)
  5. Moving of furniture / large items without prior permission from Church personnel.
  6. Use of Church Musical Instruments as well as PA or video without permission
  7. Kicking (or throwing) of balls in the auditorium or hall ways.
  8. DUCT TAPE on auditorium floor; Gaffer’s tape is a usable alternative
  9. Roller-skates or skateboards 
  10. Holes in walls for decorations
  11. Crafting material smaller than ¼” on carpeted areas (i.e., glitter)
  12. Usage of the nurseries for non-ministry related events.
  13. Occupation of the facility after 9pm on Saturday

Lock-Up Procedures

The person who requested the use of the building for the event will ensure that each item is “checked”, and the sheet “initialed” on the “Building Usage Checklist” which was provided during approval of request and issuance of keys.  When checklist is completed, this person should be the last person to leave the building locking and setting the alarm as instructed. The completed and initialed checklist shall be returned with keys prior to refunding of deposit. 

To lock and secure the building

1.    Review the checklist and check each area has been cleaned and returned to original condition as specified.

2.    Turn off all lights EXCEPT those in the hall 

3    Set the alarm with the temporary code given during issuance of keys.  *Be aware this is a timed process from entrance of code to locking of the door.

4.    Lock the doors. There are three sets of perimeter doors that must be checked.

5.    Double check that doors are locked by pulling on them before you leave.  If they do not lock, please contact church staff before leaving! 

6.    It is the responsibility of the user to schedule the return of keys and completed checklist to church staff, prior to refunding of deposit.


A deposit will be required for any NON-Ministry related event and must be provided no later than two (2) weeks prior to the event.  With this deposit, the use of restrooms, foyer, keys and specifically named approved rooms on the application will be made available.  Checks are to be made payable to Light Christian Center.  This deposit will be held until after the event and successful completion of guidelines listed within this document. 

Deposit pricing

1.    Fellowship Hall / Children’s Church Auditorium - $50

2.    Sanctuary - $75

3.    Kitchen - $75

Any changes to the nature of this policy (or items not covered herein) should be directed to and approved by Building Committee.  Please report any building problems immediately to church staff.

May take up to 5 business days for approval

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